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You can be actively involved in the hiring process or simply let us take care of it.



  • We will conduct an initial meeting with you to gather your needs, goals, and expectations.

  • ​We will collect the job roles, requirements, and duties you're looking for.


  • We will screen, interview, and assess potential candidates based on the requirements and skills you set.

  • We will pre-select 4 skilled VA for the final interview.


  • We will coordinate with you to conduct a final interview with the candidate to determine if they are the best match for your preferences.

  • You can hire your VA for the post.


  • Attend client and VA onboarding session

  • Contract signing

  • SOP and skill transfer

How we will monitor your VA

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We will provide a hubstaff login for you and your VA. It is a time-tracking software that allows us to monitor the productivity and time logged of the virtual assistants.


Hubstaff will capture screenshots up to 3x for each active monitor every 10-minute interval while your VA is tracking time. 

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Activity Precentage

Hubstaff has an activity percentage that will measure the amount of time the VA is actively working on a project or task versus the total amount of time they are logged into the system. It is calculated based on keyboard and mouse activity.

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URL Tracking

URL tracking in Hubstaff is a feature that allows you to track the websites and web applications accessed by their virtual assistants during their work hours

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