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The Solution to Your Administrative Headaches

Expert and Experienced Legal VAs From The Philippines

Cost Control and Reduced Staffing Expenses

Flexibility and Scalable Depending On the Workload

Grow Your Law Firm With Us

Trained by Personal Injury
  Lawyers and Law Firms

  Knowledgeable and Skilled
About Personal Injury Cases

  With Assistance From
Tenured Legal VAs

Hire Expert and Experienced
Virtual Legal Assistants


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Built for Innovation

Our Virtual Legal Assistants are trained experts in case management software and tools navigation, automation, front-end, and even back-end processes. We have the necessary skills and experience to provide better services to attorneys, improve efficiency, communication, productivity, and achieve better outcomes in their cases. 

We are open to innovation and the use of technology.


Step 1

We will schedule a call with you to discuss your needs. During the call, we will gather your requirements and ask questions to understand your goals and expectations.

Step 2

We will search and screen for suitable legal Virtual Assistant based on your requirements, roles and qualifications.

Step 3

Step 3

We will conduct the final interview with the candidate and choose the Virtual Assistant that you prefer.

Step 4

Your Virtual Assistant will start working for you and handle the tasks that need help with. An account manager will be assigned to monitor the VAs work, productivity, and performance.


​Maximize Your Productivity With Our
Expert Virtual Lega​l Assistants

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